Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Keep Costs Low when Ordering Custom Printed Envelopes

When it comes to making money as a small business, sometimes the best offense is a good defense. By this I mean, a small business owner should take every opportunity to lower their costs. By squeezing every penny, you'll increase your profits, taking your business further out of the red and in to the black.  Small business owners need to be looking in to every single aspect of their business and consider how they can save money (without sacrificing quality, that is). And, as the owner of Precision Envelope, I thought I could offer some insight in to how our customers (many of them business owners) have saved money buying printed envelopes:

  • Look For Coupon Codes: This is one of the easiest ones (and yet so many people don't do it!). Odds are you're shopping around online for the best price on envelopes, so make sure you're also checking around for coupon codes. Most online envelope stores will be running some type of sale, so be sure to check websites like RetailMeNot, or look around on the envelope companies' websites for ongoing specials and discounts.
  • If Possible, Reduce Colors: With envelope printing, the more ink colors you use, the more expensive it will be. Often times our customers request that we change their artwork from full color to 2 color or 1 color, and our graphic designers are happy to oblige. Obviously if you have a business logo, you might not want to lose your brands colors, but if you can possibly reduce the number of inks used, you can save a great deal on your order.
  • Check for Price Breaks at Higher Quantities: You might only need 500 envelopes at the moment, but if you can order 1,000 and put the other 500 in storage, you can save a ton of money. Just to give you an example, on our site you can order 2,000 #10 business envelopes for $131.59 (at $0.07 a piece). But you could order 2,500 for just $134.51 (at just $0.05 a piece). That's 500 more envelopes for 3 dollars! You might not need 2,500 envelopes immediately, but as a business owner, you know you'll need them in the future. So why not buy them now and save?
  • Avoid Custom Sizes: If possible, stick with standard envelope sizes. You may have a very specific direct mail marketing campaign you want to run, and you think you need a unique envelope size, but that non-standard envelope will cost a great deal of money, as they'll need to be made from scratch. Plus, since it's not standard, the turn around time for creating those envelopes will be much longer.

Finally, if you are looking for custom printed envelopes and you want to save money, I'd be remiss not to share with you a coupon code for free shipping for my website PrecisionEnvelope.com. Use the coupon code FREESHIP while in your shopping cart and you'll get free UPS ground shipping.

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