Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Case Study: Direct Mail Generates Better ROI

Commerce payment systems traditionally sought new accounts through paid search advertising, until they decided to add direct mail to the marketing mix. Using a tri-fold mailer, the company targeted newly incorporated businesses in sectors that usually sought credit payment services. Additionally, they tested response of first class vs. standard mail.
Results: Six months of monthly 12,000 piece mailings cost approximately $9,000 per mailing. Each new client had a $50,000 value to the company. “we’re bringing in 200-250 clients a month from direct mail” reported the company’s CEO. Interestingly, the first class mailings generated better responses than those sent via standard Mail.
An essential, yet sometimes overlooked aspect of direct mail ROI is the right choice of envelope. A tastefully personalized, custom envelope can be the difference between your direct mail piece being read or being thrown in the trash. As Commerce payment systems, demonstrates, direct mail is alive and well. And as the first impression of your direct mail campaign, your envelope choice can make all the difference in ROI. 

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