Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Direct Mail Meets Tight Security:

With the issue of security a top priority for many of us, here are some guidelines you may want to think about when targeting your direct mail marketing programs to larger companies and organizations.

·         Op for self mailers or postcards, i.e., mail that doesn’t need to be opened.
·         Use printed, not plain, envelopes.
·         Print envelopes in color. They’re less likely to appear suspicious.
·         Don’t overstuff envelopes. Keep them slim.
·         Use a clear, identifiable return address, preferably with your logo. Use a pre-printed indicia instead of stamps.
·         If you meter mail, use a phrase to show that the piece is really being sent by you.
·         Include a telephone number or website address on your envelope.
·         Use email to notify recipients that mail is on the way.
A printed envelope including your logo and return address adds credibility to your direct mail piece. A person knows immediately who the mail piece is from, and if targeted  and designed correctly, the user will even be excited by the potential offer inside. Whether you’re launching a brand new lead generation campaign or simply sending out thank you notes to past clients, custom envelopes are the smart choice. In fact, this month Precisionenvelope.com is offering free shipping on select envelope styles. Just use the code “FREESHIP” at checkout. Click the link to get custom envelopes with free shipping.

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