Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ever Wonder Where Envelopes Come From?

Think envelopes were a recent invention? Think again! Envelopes have existed in some form or another for thousands of years.  Check out these envelope fun facts below, and if you’d like to learn where envelopes come from today, visit PrecisionEnvelope.com:
·         The first known “envelope” looked nothing like today’s ubiquitous #10. Found by archeologists in the Middle East and dating back to around 3500 BC, the earliest known packaging items were hollow, clay spheres folded around items such as coins used in financial transactions.
·         Until 1845, and for the following 50 years, only hand-made envelopes were available. During the second half of the 19th century, a patent was issued for the first envelope-making machine. It produced flat diamond shaped blanks folded to form a rectangular enclosure. The edges of overlapping flaps were sealed with paste.
·         Today, envelope manufacturing is a long and well established international industry producing an infinite number of shapes and sizes with every imaginable type of paper. There’s a custom envelope to fit every need!

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