Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Did you Know that Google Uses Direct Mail?

Who said direct mail is dead? Many corporate giants, like Google, Facebook, and Geico use physical mail to drive Internet marketing and expand their audience. Even with Internet marketing, direct mail marketing continues to have a tremendous amount of value. Here are some reasons why Google, which controls nearly 20% of Internet traffic, still users direct mail to send messages.

  • Targeted mailing lists help them reach and entice specific audiences via pinpointed forms of marketing.
  • Once a mail piece is in the door, the consumer can be driven to the website with an enticing call to action.
  • With computer viruses, identity thieves and overwhelming amounts of spam, people are becoming more amenable to physical mail offers. 
  • Users can make a more personal connection thanks to personalized custom envelopes and content, as opposed to one size fits all email campaigns.

1 comment:

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