Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Custom Envelope are Marketing Tools

Printing on an envelope can be a powerful marketing tool. Used correctly, envelopes can provide much more than a cover sheet for your letters or serve as more than just storage vehicles for documents and letters. Envelopes can be part of your marketing message- Acting as a teaser that drives potential clients to read your marketing message. If you’re looking create custom envelopes, here are some useful tips:

  •          Use color to capture attention. Bright, vivid color envelopes can make your mailing stand out from the rest.
  •     Change the style of the usual triangular flap to a rectangle with a button on the top. You don’t need to use a real button. Print it on the flap for an unexpected little surprise.
  •     Use a unique paper texture for the envelope such as wove, linen or coated. It has the advantage of being visually appealing and arouses curiosity.
  •      If you print a corporate tagline on the envelope, keep it short. Don’t clutter the piece, keep it classy. You’ve only got a brief instance to catch their attention, so make sure your most essential message is clear.

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