Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from Precision Envelope!

Merry Christmas from Precision Envelope!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. We at love this time of year, and we wanted to take an opportunity to remember what is truly important during the holidays: love, friendship, family, and goodwill.

So whether you celebrate Christmas or not, remember what truly matters and have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

5 More Creative Printed Envelopes

A few weeks back I wrote about 5 creative #10 envelope designs. My point was, your printed business envelopes do not need to be boring. Whether you're printing up a bunch of envelopes for sending mail to your existing customer base, or you're trying to make the right first impression with a direct mail campaign, the right envelope can make your business stand out. And in case you don't believe me, here's 5 more creative printed envelope designs:

Max & More: This creative envelope design was part of a student project rebranding a boutique store in Singapore. In addition to the creative envelopes, the project also includes a new logo, website ancollaterals.

Hot Popsicle: This project from designer Rachel Kalagher is for a fictional design firm name Hot Popsicle. The envelope design is so simple, and yet fits perfectly with the overall theme of the brandinf effort.
Self Promotion: This truly unique envelope was cut and folded by hand. It was created by Mirion Sorli Onarheim, a designer in Norway.
Envelope by Colin Grist: These custom wedding invitations featured the wedding flier, RSVP, directions and accomidation information. Each one was tied by hand!
Crossfit Collingwood: Who says black & white envelopes can't be creative! These fun envelopes were part of a rebranding effort for a crossfit gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Ready to get creative yourself? Visit Precision Envelope and take 16% off all custom envelope orders with coupon code HOLIDAYS. (coupon expires Jan. 1st, 2014).

Monday, December 9, 2013

Why Are You Doing Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail isn't going anywhere. According the DMA 2012 fact book, direct mail volume has remained steady, despite many doom and gloom pundits stating digital/online marketing will be the death of direct mail. You're probably reading this article because you either are currently running a direct mail campaign or are considering starting one. In either case, the question is the same- Why are you doing direct mail marketing?

Before starting a mail campaign (or doing anything for that matter) you need to set a clear, achievable goal. You shouldn't chooose the tactic first, then work on your strategy. And you also shouldn't set a goal that is either too vague (i.e. "I want to get more customers") or unrealistic (i.e. "I want to triple business in 1 month").

With all that in mind, how do you know when direct mail is the best tactic for your goal. Here's 4 of the top reasons why marketers use direct mail:

  1. Moving Customers Offline to Online: Sometimes direct mail is the first step in your campaign. Odds are your client list is probably much larger than your email list. And a well-executed direct mail marketing campaign can help you get reliable emails from clients and/or Facebook fans for your business page.
  2.  Earning New Customers: Obviously all marketing is about getting new customers, but a mail campaign that does it right will take a direct approach, sharing a specific offer that is only available to those who received the direct mail piece. It makes measuring ROI easier, and you can see a direct correaltion between new customers and the effectiveness of the campaign.
  3. Keeping in Touch: Whether it be a customer that recently placed an order with your company, or someone you haven't heard from in months, it's essential to keep in touch with customers. While emails can be good for this purpose, they're easily ignore. A direct mail campaign will be better received.
  4. Upselling/cross selling: Your client base might not be aware of some of the other products you offer. A direct mail campaign telling those existing customers all about your additional products and offering them special discounts on their next purchase can help you find a totally new revenue stream.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Sale: Take 16% Off Printed Envelopes

Tis the season for great discounts on custom printed envelopes! For the month of December, will be offering a 16% discount on all printed envelope orders with no order minimum. Whether you're looking to send out a few cards for the holiday season, stock up on printed envelopes for your small business or just want to keep a few envelopes handy just in case, Precision Envelope has got you covered.

In order to get this great discount, simply enter the coupon code HOLIDAYS while in your shopping cart. This discount applies to all style of envelopes- Including #10 envelopes, booklet envelopes, catalog envelopes and more. Just as long a they feature custom printing, you can take advantage of this great deal!

Printed envelopes are an excellent way to create a professional look for your business. Small businesses especially love using printed envelopes both for direct mail campaigns and for regular business correspondence. It's a great way to add additional value to your business and, you can create a unique and one of kind look.

Remember, if you want to take care of this great deal and get 16% off printed envelopes, vist and enter the code HOLIDAYS while in your shopping cart!

Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

Whether you're starting a new direct mail campaign or simply ordering a batch of custom #10 envelopes, the goal is to make sure that your business (and by extenstion, your envelope) stand out! But as a small business owner, you certainly don't have time to sit around all day daydreaming and brainstorming about a new creative envelope design. You can't wait for lightning to strike- So here's 5 ways you can help jumpstart your creativity and find inspiration:

  • Raise Your Heart Rate: Getting some exercise is an excellent way to find inspiration. After you've spent some time thinking about the project, go for a jog or shoot some hoops. It will help clear your mind and let your subconscious start tinkering, while you focus on your workout.
  • Start Chatting: Simply talking about what you're hoping to accomplish can spark a conversation that leads to a great idea. Even if it seems like you're not saying anything pertinent, a word could lead to another thought which eventually brings you to something brilliant.
  • Research Online but Keep it in Check: There's a productive way to use the Internet to help spark creativity. try doing an image search for some of the keywords related to your concept (for instance, if you want to create an envelope for a Winter sale, try typing "winter sale envelope" in to Google Image Search). The non-productive side is checking into Facebook or Twitter and asking for some help there, or worse yet, just checking your feed. Suddenly you look at the clock and you've been surfing Facebook for nearly 30 minutes, and haven't achieved anything!
  • Try a Stimulant, and get out of the Office: While most drugs inhibit the creative process, caffeine can help you when you've got to do some serious thinking. More than just the espresso itself, running to your local coffee shop can provide you with a much needed change of scenery that can also start your thinking in the right direction.
  • Be Present: One of the biggest problems we have as small business owners is that we've always got a million things going on at once. So when we need to focus our full attention on one task, it can be pretty hard. Practicing mindful meditation can allow you to be in the present moment, and simply work on the task at hand.