Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Six Strong Tips for Creating Envelopes that will be opened

Envelope copy and design work hand in hand to get mail pieces opened. There are so many options when it comes to custom envelopes, that it can be somewhat difficult to know where to get started. Here are some things to think about when designing your envelopes:
  1.   Consider using a non standard size envelope. The higher cost may worth it as it will stand out among standard sized envelopes.
  2. Test color. Try mailing the same piece to the same audience in a plain white envelope and again in a blue one (or any other color). Keep everything else about the mailing the same.
  3. Try using variable data/personal data on the outer envelope to customize copy and images.
  4. Use the back flap for your call to action.
  5.  Test the use of involvement devices, such as peel off stickers.
  6. Use teaser copy to promote a major benefit or offer, or ask an intriguing question that is answered inside the envelope. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Remember the Power of Envelopes

Envelopes are as and maybe more important as the materials they contain. In fact, if your envelopes can’t motivate your audience to pen them, your message and marketing investment will simply be wasted.  
So, start planning early. Envelopes should not be an afterthought. The design, copy, size and printed message should be consider at the start of your campaign planning.
For example, do you want to use a color envelope? What type? What size? Printed or plain? Teaser copy? This is where custom envelope printing can come in handy. If you're running a direct mail campaign for your business, or you're sending any kind material that really needs to stand out, a standard #10 business envelope won't cut it. Here's an analogy I like to use: Imagine you're sitting at a bar, and you see someone you would just love to strike up a conversation with. So what do you say that will pique their interest? What killer line can you use to draw them in to a conversation? Your envelope is that opening line. And the contents of your envelope is the conversation.  Consider the action you want your recipients to take and how your envelope can serve to motivate them, always remembering that envelopes are like appetizers- they should be enticing.