Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

Whether you're starting a new direct mail campaign or simply ordering a batch of custom #10 envelopes, the goal is to make sure that your business (and by extenstion, your envelope) stand out! But as a small business owner, you certainly don't have time to sit around all day daydreaming and brainstorming about a new creative envelope design. You can't wait for lightning to strike- So here's 5 ways you can help jumpstart your creativity and find inspiration:

  • Raise Your Heart Rate: Getting some exercise is an excellent way to find inspiration. After you've spent some time thinking about the project, go for a jog or shoot some hoops. It will help clear your mind and let your subconscious start tinkering, while you focus on your workout.
  • Start Chatting: Simply talking about what you're hoping to accomplish can spark a conversation that leads to a great idea. Even if it seems like you're not saying anything pertinent, a word could lead to another thought which eventually brings you to something brilliant.
  • Research Online but Keep it in Check: There's a productive way to use the Internet to help spark creativity. try doing an image search for some of the keywords related to your concept (for instance, if you want to create an envelope for a Winter sale, try typing "winter sale envelope" in to Google Image Search). The non-productive side is checking into Facebook or Twitter and asking for some help there, or worse yet, just checking your feed. Suddenly you look at the clock and you've been surfing Facebook for nearly 30 minutes, and haven't achieved anything!
  • Try a Stimulant, and get out of the Office: While most drugs inhibit the creative process, caffeine can help you when you've got to do some serious thinking. More than just the espresso itself, running to your local coffee shop can provide you with a much needed change of scenery that can also start your thinking in the right direction.
  • Be Present: One of the biggest problems we have as small business owners is that we've always got a million things going on at once. So when we need to focus our full attention on one task, it can be pretty hard. Practicing mindful meditation can allow you to be in the present moment, and simply work on the task at hand.

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