Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Need Help Pruning Postage Bloat?

A letter here and there might not break the bank, but when you’re mailing out hundreds of letters each month to your customers, shipping and postage costs really start to add up. Direct mail marketing can be an effective part of your lead generation, as well as customer retention program but you can boost ROI of your mailing by cutting postage costs. The direct marketing association offers these tips:

  • Fine-tune your mailing list and delete duplicate names.
  •  Eliminate non-responders and marginal prospects.
  • Use accurate addresses, including apartment and suite numbers.
  • Check for correct ZIP codes and missing directional, such as N for North.
  • Ask your mailing house about the latest postal discounts before you design your envelope and mail piece.
  • Use NCOA to keep your mailing list current.
  • Address Service Requested to the face of your mail piece.
  • Remember to print your barcoded ZIP +4 on any reply envelopes. 

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