Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Can Small Businesses Afford a Direct Mail Campaign?

Direct mail campaigns are expensive. Or at least, that's the misconeption amongst many small and is preferred by most consumers).
business owners. If we're talking an apples to apples comparison between, let's say, e-mail and direct mail, then yes direct seems expensive (of course, as long as we're making the comparison, it should also be noted that direct mail has by far the highest response rate,

No matter where you fall on that debate, the question is whether or not you can afford a direct mail campaign. As with all marketing mediums, a certain amount of optimization is necessary in order to improve key metrics like response rate and ROI, but with a certain amount of leg work, direct can generate new customers for your business in a way that e-mail simply can not.

So how can you know if your business can afford to run a direct mail campaign:

1. Calculate your ROI: While you can't be 100% certain how your campaign will perform, research can give you a great idea of what to expect. For instance, a study by the Direct Marketing Association states that on average direct mail marketers earn $12.57 for every dollar they spend.
2. Speak to your printer: If possible, work with a printer who has experience in executing direct mail campaigns. There's a good chance that they've worked with businesses similar to yours, and can tell you what kind of return you can expect in your industry.
3.  Run a small batch first: If you're still unsure how your mailer will be received, try running a small batch before sending it out to everyone on your list. You can then make adjustments to your campaign before sending it to the rest of your list.
4. Don't Mail to Everyone: If you've got a huge mailing list, keep in mind that this offer may not be right for everyone. When you can get more specific, and target your offer to a very select group, you're more likely to improve your conversion rate.
5. Consolidate & Save: Generally speaking, when you work with one printer for your envelopes, mailers, labels etc. they'll usually cut you a deal. When you're getting prices from printers, make sure to see who will work with you to help make sure that you're maximizing ROI.

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