Monday, September 16, 2013

5 Creative Custom Envelope Designs

Whether you're launching a new direct mail marketing campaign or just need a fresh batch of envelopes for your usualy correspondence, a creative envelope design can help you spread brand awareness and even earn you new business. The standard for printed envelopes of course is the logo in the upper left corner, but does it have to be? Check out these creative custom envelopes and see if they inspire you!

Window Cleaners

The best ideas are always the simplest. And these envelopes for a Dutch window cleaning company really hit the nail on the head in the best way possible!
 Google Map Inside Envelope
everyone prints their address on their envelopes, but how about your Google Maps location on the inside of the envelope!

Candy Door to Door
Seriously, everything is improved with candy, envelopes are no exception!

Pop Up!
This clever pop-up uses the envelope as part of the card.
Rip it Open
This one might be a little dark, but you can't deny that it is clever.



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  2. This is great information.I am crazy about envelopes, thank you so much! :)