Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Your Printed Envelope Needs to Be Obnoxious

Picture this: You're going to your mailbox, same as you do every day. You reach in and grab several envelopes. Most of them white, about the same size, when suddenly you notice something out of the ordinary. One envelope is bright pink, with text in blue, in a font you've never seen before.

Now you're back in your house- Which envelope will you open first?

When I say, custom printed envelopes need to be obnoxious, I'm exaggerating a bit to make a point. As a business owner who is sending out direct mail pieces (or really, any type of mail to a potential or existing customer), you obviously want it to be opened. You're not spending money to have your mail be ignored and tossed in the trash. Plus, custom envelope printing allows you a whole slew of design options that it only makes sense to take advantage. You can print virtually any image, text (with your choice of font and ink color), have each individuals name and address printed etc. Really, the only limit is your ideas.

At this point, I think I know what some of you are saying- "Well I can't do that because it wouldn't be appropriate for my industry". True, a bright pink envelope isn't right for every type of business, but that doesn't mean you can't produce something eye-catching that is indicative of your brand. Custom printing affords you those kinds of options. For instance, we've got a wide variety of color envelope options available. If pink isn't your thing, try green, gray, orchid or ivory. Plus combine that with some high quality printing, and you've got a brand consistent and outstanding piece. These are just some of the steps you can take to create a direct mail envelope that stands out. Beyond custom printing, a non-standard size is a great way to stand out. Think back to the example of one of your recipients at their mail box. If they've got a handful of standard #10 envelopes, then something unexpected like a #9, or a booklet envelope, you'll pique their curiosity, and they're likely to open that envelope first.

The areas of focus of any direct mail campaign is two-fold: You need an offer that is so good the recipient won't possibly pass it up. And you need to get them to open the envelope and check out your offer. Arguably, getting them to first open the envelope is more important. Which is why putting this extra thought into designing your envelope is so important. When it comes to custom envelope printing, make sure to take every chance you can to improve your response rate, and ultimately your return on investment.

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