Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Turn Your Envelopes into Powerful Marketing Tools

Remember, when it comes to marketing, the tactic is only as good as the idea behind. Just because you're using some trendy marketing tactic such as QR codes, it doesn't guarantee your campaign will be a success. Furthermore, custom envelopes can be an effective part of your direct mail campaign if you use them correctly. It's all about the execution. If you choose to view envelopes as just a boring vessel for getting your direct mail piece in customer's hands, than it won't be much more than that. But if you examine every opportunity you have to convince someone in to a customer, you can increase your Return on investment. Here's a few tips on how your envelopes can become an essential and effective part in your marketing.

  • Be Bold: If you're looking to attract attention, it's time to go big or go home. Explore several different options such as color envelopes, unexpected sizes or unique features. When it comes to envelope printing, go with interesting ink colors,throw in your business tag line, advertise an ongoing promotion or have a teaser the content of the mailer. Whatever you can do to grab their attention and make them open your envelope.
  • Use Brand Recognition: A great way to get people to open an envelope is that they're already familiar with your company. Don't make the recipient play a guessing game with your envelope, add your logo to make sure they know exactly what they're getting themselves into. Even if they're not customers, they may recognize your business name and logo from other ads or from driving by your store, increasing the likelihood that they will open the envelope.
  • Include a Return Envelope: Need the recipient to return a form in order to fulfill the order? Include a smaller, stamped and addressed envelope. Whatever you do, you need to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to become a customer. Seemingly little touches like including a stamp will save them the trouble of having to get one on their own, and increases the likelihood that they will respond.
  • Include Contact Info and a Call to Action: Don't save your call to action for your mailer. Put it right there on the envelope and make sure they know exactly what they need to do and why they should be contacting your right away. But a call to action isn't worth much if you don't make it as easy as possible for them to get in touch with you. Put your web address and phone number on the back flap so that the recipient doesn't need to go looking for it after they read the letter.

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