Monday, January 27, 2014

Custom Booklet Envelopes 101: What, Where and how to use them

Easily one of the most popular envelope styles, the booklet envelope is generally larger than business envelopes (the smallest standard size booklet envelope is 6x9) and is used for a variety of purposes- both business and personal. In this blog post we're going to take a look at what factors that make the booklet envelope different, as well as where and when they should be used:

1. What: Booklet envelopes are larger than business envelopes, with standard sizes ranging from 6 x 9 inches, up to 10 x 13 inches (smaller and larger sizes are available,  but since they are not standard sizes, you may need to order larger quantities from your envelope manaufacturer). By comparison, business envelopes tend to be much longer than they are wide (although booklets are still rectangular in shape). Booklet envelopes are also nearly identical to catalog envelopes, with one crucial difference. Booklet envelopes feature a flap on the longer side, whereas catalog envelopes feature the flap on the short side. This difference has a significant impact on how you would use booklet envelopes.

2. When: Now that we know what they are, let's go over when you would use booklet envelopes. Because of their size, booklet envelopes allow you to easily send documents without requiring any bending or folding. While the standard #10 business envelope is designed for a tri-folded 8 1/2 x 1, booklet envelopes are designed so that you can send paper documents without  having to crease them to fit the envelope. The flap on the long side also allows you to easily insert documents. Booklet envelopes are most frequently used for sending porposals, contracts, magazines, booklets and other bulky documents that should not be folded.

3. Where: The question now is where to use custom printed envelopes. As mentioned earlier, they can be used both for business and personal correspondence. Booklet envelopes are also frequently used for storing documents around home or the office. For instance, if you wanted to keep important papers such as receipts, financial information etc. you can easily keep them organized. And with the convenience of printing, you can have each envelope customized for better organization. Speaking of custom printing, since booklet envelopes have a much larger printing area than business envelopes, you're given much more room for creativity. This can be great for businesses that are using booklet envelopes as part of a creative direct mail marketing campaign.

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