Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How an Old Fashioned Envelope Can Stand Out in the Digital Age

Before I tell you about how envelope can make your business stand out in the digital age, here's a few facts to help set the mood:

What do these stats tell us about the state of digital marketing? First, the average person is getting slammed with digital marketing messages, whether it be tons of emails or Facebook posts. And when they get bored or annoyed by all these messages, they'red not afraid to unfollow, unsubsrcibe or simply ignore those messages. Plus if you're sending emails, on average you're losing 17% of your email list every single month. What we're not saying is that digital marketing doesn't work. The Precision Envelope team uses both email and social media. But the point is that digital marketing isn't everything. And sometimes you need direct mail to reinforce your marketing message and drive conversions.
As just one example of a custom envelope, think about all the emails you receive daily. If you're like most people, you probably receive dozens every single day. But how many of them do you open? Probably less than a quarter. Most of those emails get deleted. But think about the mail you get. When you receive a colorful envelope, or one with your name printed right on it, you're much more likely to open it than an email. Or how about those social media posts? You can't read the messages from every single person you're following, so you just skim through the news feed. But mail has a way of commanding your attention. So remember, while digital marketing is important, envelopes are capable of grabbing your audiences attention in a totally unique way.

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