Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Beautiful Custom Envelopes that will Inspire You!

As we like to say, when you're creating a customer envelope for your business, take every opportunity to make them stand out! These envelopes are somes times the first interaction that customers have with your company, so you want to make sure that they represent your brand and that they demand to be opened. But what if you're feeling a little light on inspiration? Well here's 10 fun examples of custom envelopes I found around the web!

"From Cologne with Love" By Are We Designer. A design firm in Germany created these retro custom envelopes. It perfectly encapsulates their creativity and represents their brand well (Found on Behance)

Ivy Hotel Sales Kit. Ivy is an upscale hotel in San Diego, and they created an appropriately sophisticated envelope to help better sell their banquet halls and meeting rooms. (via CRU Agency)

"Newspaper Boy" by Alex Kwan. Alex is a designer who created a package showcasing his skills. The envelopes are so simple, yet so much fun!

Flywheel Design by Nicole Kraieski. There's something about a black envelope that is so eye catching and unexpected. Plus with the beautiful splash of color in the upper left corner, these envelopes really pop. (via http://www.behance.net/nicolekraieski)
 Dog Envelope by Michael Hacker. It doesn't get much color than that! Michael has done an amazing job of using all the space available to create a truly special envelope (via creativereview.co.uk)