Friday, September 21, 2012

Envelope Color - Does It Matter?

What color should an envelope be?

White, green, blue, yellow, pink or ugly brown kraft?

If you are asking what color would be best for your application, quite frankly, I have no opinion.

“But you sell envelopes, you should know!” is the likely response.  

Personally, I do have a preference, but again that is immaterial to this discussion.  What color is BEST is the one the WORKS. 

As in any marketing effort, the key word is TEST.  Test the list, test the design, test the message and YES, even test the envelope color if you think that could be a factor that might impact your success.

A simple A-B test of the envelope color is one where one portion of your mailing is sent in one color envelope (A) and a second equal portion of your mailing is sent in a different color envelope (B).  Your job is to code the outbound list so you know who was sent which color, but your more important job is to track the responses. Once you have identified which envelope color yielded a better response, you can then prepare the balance of the campaign using that color envelope.

What I am saying is that in any aspect of marketing, personal opinions do not count – it’s the result that matters.   

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