Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It’s Officially Wedding Season!

This wedding season, consider some of our tips on how to take your wedding to the next level while on a budget.

Weddings And Hashtags
We’re all infatuated with social media, so why not bring social media to your wedding this summer? We can’t all be like the super-couples Brangelina and Kimye and get our photos on the front of magazines, but your special day can have its own claim to fame in the media. Consider creating a hash tag that’s easy to remember for your wedding guests, for example #GedsWed or a play on your last names combined. Your guests can share their pictures on Instagram, post on Twitter, and Create Vine videos quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to see your special memories after while staying on a friendly budget. Simply create signage for your event to remind your guest. We also recommend writing the hashtag on your Save the Date with the social media accounts you wish to use.  

COde to the Monogram
Thank you 18th and 19th Century Europe for the three initial creation. As the royals once used their exquisite font designs, you can use your monogram for you wedding’s Save the Date, with you and your fiancé’s initials interlocking with the surname in the center. Monograms can also be used with necklaces, handbags, clothing and tableware accessories. By using the fonts Miriam Fixed Font and French Script MJ, you can re-create the royal themed monogram for your special day.

Embrace Your Inner Botanist
Presentation is everything, and guests want to open their invitation as if they are going to the royal wedding. This season’s it’s entirely about floras. A trendy way to create your Save the Date is to send it in a chic box in vibrant floral colors. This way your announcement is literally a present to your guests. Another idea: Presenting a card that opens with bits of lace and a hint of sparkle will set your invitation apart from the dull out-of-dated approach. If you want to take it to the next design level, incorporate the chevron design for a more nautical feel. Cobalt blue and off-white perfectly depicts a fresh summer beach wedding.

A friendly reminder to the bride…Wedding Invitation Do's & Dont's

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  1. I've never been very impressed with the hashtag trend, but I might change my views for something like this. It would be great to compile everyone's pictures of the event, not just the photographers. And the invitation looked so classy. Great idea, thanks!

    Jenn | http://www.theprintshop.tv