Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Creative Custom #10 Envelope Designs

Think the old tried and true business envelope has to be boring? No Way! With a little creativity, custom #10 envelope printing can transform those boring envelopes into a unique part of your businesses marketing plan. Here's 5 creative #10 envelope designs:

This creative envelope design from Japanese stationery company D-Bros features a cut out tab so that you can easily tear open each envelope without suffering any nasty paper cuts.

These fun map envelopes are offered in a variety of different sizes and each continent has it's own envelope design!

ChickChirik is a gift registry company that uses recycled and natural material for it's packaging. The design may be simple but it's execution is very effective!


Need directions? These custom envelopes allow you to print the location of your event or place of business on the inside liner of the envelope!

These beautiful envelopes from Tower Twelve Studios features the same branding throughout all of the company's stationery.



  1. Hi Greg, Where is the envelope with the map printed inside from? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kate!

      This is from a great site called:

      You can choose a location ("mapping") from anywhere in the world and it appears as a satellite or road map.

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